Low Aggression and Low Sex Drive: Is It Affecting Your Sexual Life?


How aggressive a man is often thought to depend on his hormonal level, a conclusion that is not popular with the majority of all psychiatrists. They believe that human behavior is not controlled by their hormones, like animals, but instead it is controlled by a man’s cognitive thought.

This is his ability to think and reason, instead of acting on sheer instinct. Psychiatrists point out that while men with a lower level of testosterone tend to have lower sex drives and be less aggressive, this does not mean that all men with high levels of the male sex hormone are automatically promiscuous and highly aggressive.

While this theory of man being in control of his actions was developed by the famous 17th century French philosopher Rene Descartes, he even indicated that his theory was not always true. He also believed that there were times when it was impossible for a man to not be controlled by his hormones and his emotions.

Low Sex Drive

All of the evidence that supports human behavior being influenced by hormones is confined to correlations, and not causes. Correlations simply draw links between two items, and does not attempt to name any causes. In one experiment, it was documented that a very small percentage of young men who had higher levels of testosterone were also more aggressive.

The study also found that younger men who regularly use synthetic steroids (testosterone) had a greater chance of committing a violent crime. While one part of the study showed that higher levels of testosterone can cause high levels of aggression in men, it also showed that testosterone therapy does not affect all men the same way.

Other Correlations Between Testosterone and Aggression

Younger men have higher levels of testosterone and they also seem to have more experiences with criminal behavior, than married men. Studies have shown that once men marry their testosterone levels begin to decrease, along with incidents of aggressive behavior.

When a man divorces, researchers were surprised to learn that his testosterone levels also increased, even in older men. Not only do newly divorced men experience an increase in the male sex hormone, they also are more inclined to behave aggressively. In much the same way male animals behave during the mating season.

Some of the violent behavior can also be caused by a change in lifestyle. Single men are more likely to be out later at night, and consume more alcohol. Both of which can also influence violent or aggressive behavior.

What this seems to suggest is that single men often behave in a manner similar to male animals who are competing. Which is argued by some exactly what single men are doing when they are active on the dating scene.

Correlations Between Testosterone and Low Sex Drive

Research has shown that testosterone production peaks in men during their mid-twenties and begins to decrease when they reach their thirties. The same research has also shown that a man’s testosterone levels will also increase when they see someone attractive or engage in sexual activity. The male sex hormone controls a man’s ability to become aroused and experience desire, and there is a proven link between testosterone and a low sex drive.


While there is some evidence that seems to support the theory that men with higher levels of testosterone are more aggressive, there is the same amount of evidence supporting just the opposite. What is known is that low levels of testosterone will affect a man’s sex drive, and is his ability to perform in the bedroom. The male hormone controls sexual desire and arousal, and low levels are often responsible for causing certain sexual dysfunctions.

It is whether or not low levels of testosterone are responsible for men exhibiting fewer signs of aggression that researchers can not agree upon, since there is evidence to support both sides.

What seems to be true is that single men do have more testosterone, and some of these men are prone to be more aggressive. Since it is not all men who display a tendency towards violent or criminal, it is impossible to determine if testosterone or other factors come into play. Any man who has a sexual dysfunction or consistently struggles with anger it is advisable to speak with a health care professional to determine if there is a hormonal imbalance.