Law of Allowing – The Art of Allowing Yourself and Others to Succeed

Giving permission and providing acceptance of yourself and of other people. This is a critical tenet on the road to success, the law of allowing. It is a straightforward, fundamental law of the universe. The law of allowing is not a complex rule. It is a human failing to add increasing complexity to everything that they do. As a result, our goals and dreams are kept out of reach as a result of our own nature. The means to fight this nature, described below, is contained within the law of allowing.

Law of Allowing

Law of Allowing Others: The fundamental requirement that the law stipulates, is that we have to let others be themselves. We are not allowed to try and change others, nor should we judge them. It is in our nature to pick apart the details of others. It’s a survival technique to identify bad elements, and that technique has grown to make quick judgments on appearances. However, picking out these elements in others serves to only apply difficulty in how we deal with them. We also burden ourselves if we do anything to try and make others different, make them more like us. This burden will only serve to hinder our happiness.

Law Of Allowing Yourself: It is contrary to our own beliefs to think of giving ourselves permission to act or feel. Are we not already doing what we want and desire? The difficulty lies in that we work to keep ourselves in our own situation. We never have the thought to say, “it’s ok to change.” We only persevere and maintain the status quo. Who hasn’t thought of making lots of money, buying the latest electronic gadget, finding that perfect mate? And who hasn’t ended up saying that “such things are beyond my means, it will never happen for me.” As a result of such thoughts, it doesn’t happen at all. If we allow ourselves to pursue our dreams and desires, give ourselves permission to feel positive thoughts, then we will live better lives.

Law Of Allowing Success: The law is only effective so long as you follow them. The law of allowing requires that you pursue your dreams and allow good things to happen. If you do not give yourself permission and allow positive things to come your way, then they will be perpetually outside of your grasp. The law of allowing is a powerful tool to increasing your happiness and advancing your stature. You just have to let it.