Hair Care Tips: The Proper Way to Wash Your Hair


It would seem that after washing your hair all these years of your life, you would be aware of the proper way to wash your hair. The truth is that many people are not aware of the damage they are causing to their hair by washing it in an improper fashion.

Hair is more fragile than it seems, breaking off easily when twisted or treated roughly. This is true for all hair styles and types, from dry to oily, thin to thick and everywhere in between.

Hair Care Tip

By taking the time to carefully follow a few specific steps, you can properly wash your hair and not cause any breakage or damage along the way.

  • Comb out your hair before you get it wet in the shower or bath. Comb out all the tangles so that your hair is smooth and manageable. While being shampooed, wet hair tangles very easily. By getting what tangles are already present out of the way, you will minimize further tangling.
  • The temperature of your shower or bath water is a personal preference, however, the proper way to wash your hair involves using warm water that will open the cuticles of your hair. This will allow dirt and oil to wash out easily. When you rinse your hair later, a quick rinse of cold water will help the cuticles close and will add a shine to your hair.
  • When first getting your hair wet in the shower, use your fingers to loosen the dirt and residue left behind by the use of hair products as well as the pollutants and such from the environment.
  • Once your hair is wet all the way through, put some shampoo in your hands, rub them together to lather a bit and apply it to your scalp. Try not to tangle your hair as you work the shampoo through and rinse. A second application of shampoo is a good idea because it will condition your hair after the first application has rinsed off the dirt and oils.
  • Gently squeeze the extra water from your hair, being careful not to twist or tug. Wet hair is fragile and therefore weak. In this state, you hair is prone to breakage if it is not handled with extra care.
  • If you need extra conditioning, this is the time to do so. After squeezing the extra water from your hair, spread a bit of conditioner all around, from your hairline to the ends. Let the conditioner do its job for about ten minutes before you rinse your hair and go about finishing your shower.

By using the proper way to wash your hair on a regular basis, you will find that your hair is healthy, shiny and beautiful. Great hair is something all of us would love to have. Great hair is possible for anyone who takes the time and effort to take care of their hair by keeping it healthy and washing it properly.