Easy Abdominal Exercises – Losing the Love Handles


The most common goals amongst people who begin a fitness plan are two burn fat in general, and to burn belly fat specifically. But sometimes you’ll achieve both of these goals and still have a love handle hanging out just above your waistline.

You may feel like you’ve done all the right exercises and eaten the right diet. You’ve successfully burned all that belly fat you wanted to get rid of, so why are the love handles still here? The truth is that getting rid of love handles requires a more specific set of workouts.

Here are some easy abdominal exercises that will do the trick.

Easy Abdominal Exercises

Crunches are a common upper ab workout, but they can be very difficult to execute properly, and you may end up injuring the muscles in your neck. Reverse crunches are easy abdominal exercises that can actually be more effective while at the same time easier to perform safely. They also target the lower abs better than regular crunches.

A reverse crunch starts in the same position as a regular crunch. You should lie flat on your back with your hands out of the way. Pull your legs as close to your chest as you can. Your goal is to attempt to curl into a ball. You should try to hold this position for several seconds for each rep.

Another easy abdominal exercise is the bicycle crunch. To perform a bicycle crunch, you should lie flat on your back with your knees raised about halfway up.

You then pedal your legs as if you were riding a bike. At the same time, lift your torso up and attempt to touch one of your elbows to the opposite knee. After lowering yourself back to the floor, repeat this step with the other elbow. Alternate like this for at least ten reps per set.

One final easy abdominal workout that’s highly effective at toning your abs is the plank. To perform the plank, get on your hands and knees and align your hands with your shoulders. You should then lift your feet up until you’re supporting yourself on your toes. The position is similar to a push-up. Hold this position for at least a minute and focus on your breathing.

As your abs get stronger, try doing more reps or holding the position for a longer period of time. All of these exercises focus on the lower abs and thus are much better suited to get rid of love handles than the exercises you may be accustomed to.