Methods to Control Anger – Being the Master of Your Anger

Anger can be a serious detriment to both your emotional and physical health. Anger can cause a host of conditions such as upset stomach, chest pains, ulcers, high blood pressure, and more. Depression, guilt, and shame are often present as well. And your family, friends, and even your career can all suffer tremendously because of failure to control anger. If you cannot easily control anger, it could present itself in violent outbursts of words or even physical violence. With so many risks present, it is important to identify and control your anger. Here are some simple ways to control anger before it reaches the point of controlling you.

Control Anger

A good first step is to identify the source of your anger management problems. Unresolved anger can stay with you for years, and identifying the real source of your problems is a great start. If you feel your anger getting the better of you, try exercise. A solitary jog or trip to the gym can help you work out your frustrations in a healthy manner. A less physical way is simply to confide in a friend. Talking to a confident can go a long way towards unshouldering heavy burdens that you may be carrying with you. Groups exist that allow you to listen as well as talk, with each of you sharing your feelings and relieving your emotional burdens together.

An ‘angry letter’ is another good way to control anger. If someone has wronged you and that is the source of your anger, write a letter that details everything they did and your feelings on it. Talk about the effects that their actions had. As you write, be sure that you feel all of the anguish that they caused you. Close your letter with a statement such as ‘I forgive you for the pain you caused and wish you well’. Now burn the letter and feel the anger and sadness dissipate from you. If you are religious, asking for guidance from God may help you find the strength to control anger and overcome it.

In order to control anger, forgiveness is a vital tool. It may seem impossible to do, but if you truly work at it you are likely to learn to forgive even the most heinous of actions. Doing so will likely allow you to move on with your life and escape from the burden you’ve carried for so long. Your anger control issues will lessen and you will find yourself being happier than you ever imagined possible. For your health and happiness – and that of your loved ones – you owe it to yourself to overcome anger issues and reclaim your life. It may take a bit of hard work, but it’s worth it in the end.

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