Laser Therapy to Stop Smoking – The Basic Facts

Trying to quit smoking is an extremely difficult challenge to smokers of any length of time. There are several aspects including mental, physical, emotional, and psychological. While your body cleans itself from nicotine, the mental battle can be frustrating as you try to break the stronghold of the smoking addiction. Laser therapy is a new technique that can assist many people that are trying to stop smoking through the initial withdrawals of nicotine. While they do not solve cravings completely, they do help to manage the intensity by providing a natural high and feeling of well being.

Stop Smoking

Laser therapy to stop smoking is not considered a medical procedure and treatments are administered via a low-level laser that encourages the release of endorphins from the brain. Endorphins are naturally released in your brain when you exercise. They signal your brain to decrease stress and aids in the increase of energy and a “feel good” mood. Endorphins are also released when a person smokes and gives them the calming sensation that they experience almost immediately.

Many clients testify that the procedure is non-invasive and has no side effects. Laser therapy has been proven to be much more effective as it helps the individual through the most intense withdrawals that occur for about three days after quitting. Clients receiving laser therapy receive laser beams to acupuncture points on the body in thirty minute sessions. Smokers do not need other nicotine or patches or other drug replacements and only require about three to five treatment sessions.

The health benefits of being a non-smoker are more than worth the energy and determination that is required in quitting. Within only twenty minutes of having a last cigarette, a smoker’s blood pressure begins to normalize. Carbon monoxide in the blood decreases while oxygen levels return to normal just hours later. The lungs will clean themselves in at a surprisingly rapid rate and blood circulation will improve drastically. With the help of the advanced laser therapy treatments, many clients have been able to improve their lifestyle as a result of a successful attempt at stopping smoking for good. Laser therapy provided a great starting platform and leveled the playing field for those that were serious about quitting. The complete therapy plan offers advice, backup support, and ongoing support to help clients secure lifestyle changes and remain smoke free. By trying the treatments, many gave themselves a fighting chance and won.