Our Top Eyelash Enhancers

Stephenie Meyer

Amongst the beauty of the face, it is often the eyes and lips that gain the more attention because there are so many products catered to improve these areas. Dark, thick, and full lashes are sexually appealing and a sign of femininity. They open up the eyes and create character whilst also improving youthfulness, softening the features, and convey the beauty in your eyes.

Top Eyelash Enhancers

Like the hair on your head, lashes also grow and drop after they reach a specific length. Several factors can be the cause of why lashes do not grow, as they should. Some mascaras use cheap ingredients and chemical dyes, which can cause the lashes to break, damage, and even thin, when used extensively. Sun exposure may also invite problems.

Some women are born with brittle or sparse lashes, or the lashes can appear weaker over time, but there are some fabulous eyelash enhancers today that work to strengthen your lashes and encourage new thicker lashes to appear. These nourishing and hydrating products achieve results through use of extracts with lectin-like activity. This is a wonderful instrument, as it arouses the follicles to support hair growth.

An effective eyelash conditioner or enhancer must contain specific ingredients including Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Glucoproteins, and Hyaluronic Acid. If either of these ingredients is contained in an eyelash enhancer, your lashes will improve and there will be less breakage. However, if you can find an eyelash-priming product containing all three ingredients, the lashes become hydrated and there is the chance they will grow back stronger and thicker.

Several important questions raised about eyelash conditioners is “How long exactly does it take to see visible results,” and “How long do the effects last?” In using an eyelash enhancer, there should be a visible difference in the length, look, and thickness of your lashes in three to five weeks, and if you look after your lashes well and use an effective product to remove eye make-up and mascara, the results will last months. The likely long-term results of using an eyelash conditioner is how you will be so satisfied with the length and look of your lashes that you may not even feel tempted to grab your eyelash curler or use mascara to achieve the same effects. Your lashes will return to looking natural and healthy, which is the prime effect mascara likes to give, but mascara can damage the lashes over the long term.