Enhancing Your Cardio Exercise – Getting the Most Out of Your Fitness Regimen

You should endeavor to fit exercise into your daily schedule, because it is one of the single biggest contributing factors to your success in any weight loss or fitness plan. But if you’re spending a lot of time at the gym and seeing disappointing results, you may not be planning an effective fitness regimen. With good planning, you shouldn’t need more than an hour a day of exercise to get the benefits you need. Here are some tips for enhancing your cardio exercise.

Enhancing Your Cardio Exercise

Start slow, and don’t begin with intensive cardio exercises. Build up the intensity over the space of about twenty minutes in order to give your muscles time to warm up sufficiently. A good means of enhancing your cardio exercise when you’re using a treadmill is to alternate between running and jogging. You can also increase the incline of the treadmill to achieve a greater-impact workout of your leg muscles and burn more calories. You should also avoid gripping the handrails for your entire treadmill workout, as this will decrease your calorie burn. If you’re having trouble walking without the handrails, decrease the pace and build it up gradually.

Stick to a regular exercise regimen. You should be doing your cardio exercises five to six days out of the week. Be patient, as it will take time to see noticeable results. In order to help yourself stick to your regimen, you should find a way to enjoy your exercises. Exercise is most effective when it’s relaxing, so listen to music you enjoy and schedule your exercise for a time that’s very convenient for you. If your exercise routine is relaxing and something you look forward to, you’re much to lapse and you’ll have an easier time enhancing your cardio exercise.

It’s very important to stretch before and after working out. By limbering your muscles and increasing their flexibility, stretching can help reduce muscle soreness. You should warm up for at least twenty minutes before exercising. Diet is also essential for enhancing your cardio exercise. Your goal should be to get the maximum amount of nutrition with the fewest calories. Balance is also important, and you should be eating from every major food group every day. You should also remember to stay hydrated. You lose a lot of bodily fluids while exercising, and replacing them prevents dehydration, which can be dangerous in severe cases. Drinking plenty of water to replace those fluids will keep you energized.