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Stephenie Meyer

Why Does Cellulite Occur?

Cellulite can easily knock the confidence out of the sexiest of women, but it is easily treatable with specific products. The dreaded dimpled effect can occur in even very slim women, although problem areas include the buttocks, stomach, and thighs. Cellulite first occurs through the subcutaneous fat layer, which encourages the dimpled or “cottage cheese” effect. Over 80 percent of women have experienced cellulite in their lifetime, so you are not alone in your search to treat this unsightly flaw. No amount of exercise or obsession with a raw food diet can prevent the occurrence of cellulite, but there are useful topical products that will help to create bodily confidence.


Cellulite can look worse if you eat sodium rich foods, do not drink enough water, or consume foods high in saturated fat. Dr Ava Shamban, dermatologist to the celebrity world, states that cellulite is a structural problem and does not occur through simple weight gain, but through connective tissue in the body. The connective tissue interlocks and encourages fat cells closer to the legs. When the connective mesh opens, which occurs far more frequently in women than men, the skin is left with unsightly dimples.

There may be no permanent solution for cellulite, but the various products on the market include topical serums and creams containing collagen, which is a skin firming and toning protein found naturally in the body. As the body ages, the body produces far less collagen and the skin slackens. Topical anti-cellulite creams are not a permanent solution for dimpled skin, but effective ingredients work to reduce excess fluid, plump the skin after vigorous massage, and even attack fat cells through lipolysis. Dr Shamban also recommends choosing anti-cellulite creams that provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to stimulate blood flow.

What To Look For In Anti-Cellulite Creams?

There are several anti-cellulite creams available, which reduce the effect of cellulite by breaking down old fat cells through lipolysis. Effective ingredients like collagen improve the connective tissue beneath the skin and provide a plumper effect. Caffeine is also a useful ingredient found in many anti-cellulite creams, as it is a natural diuretic and draws out excess fluids, which can accumulate under the skin and exacerbate the look of cellulite. Here are some useful tips when researching anti-cellulite creams:

  • Be patient with any topical cream, as results are not often visible overnight. It may take several weeks to notice a substantial difference in your skin.
  • Apply the anti-cellulite cream on a problem area to test how it feels on the skin.
  • Different anti-cellulite ingredients provide different results in everyone, so it may be useful to try several products before deciding on your favorite.
  • The price of using a topical cream is lower than a visiting a professional dermatologist or beauty clinic.

Use ingredients in topical anti-cellulite products include retinal, aminophylline, caffeine, and adiposlim. Read on for a suggestion of the 15 latest and most respected anti-cellulite cosmetic formulations, together with scientific research, containing key ingredients that improve circulation, plump the skin, and help you feel and look your best.